Commodore William Carmichael Nicholson
(1800 Kent Co., MD-1872 Philadelphia, PA)

From: "The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume IIV"

      William Carmichael Nicholson, naval officer, was born in Maryland in 1800; son of Capt. John Nicholson, an officer in the Continental navy during the Revolutionary war, and nephew of James and Samuel Nicholson (q.v.). He was commissioned a midshipman in the U.S. navy, July 18, 1812, and served on the PRESIDENT, under Decatur, during the action off Long Island in 1815, where he was taken a prisoner to England and confined until the close of the war. He was promoted lieutenant in March, 1821, and served on the frigate UNITED STATES, Pacific squadron, 1827-34.  In 1834 he was assigned to duty at the naval station. He was commissioned commander, Sept. 8, 1841, and commanded the sloop PREBLE in the Mediterranean squadron, 1843-45. He was on duty at the naval rendezvous at Boston, Mass., 1845-46; served on the receiving ship in NEW YORK, 1847-48, and commanded the navy yard at Memphis, Tenn., 1852-53. He was promoted captain, Aug. 22, 1855; was fleet captain of the Pacific squadron in 1855; commanded the steam frigate MISSISSIPPI in the East India squadron, 1858-61; was in command of the United States marine asylum in Philadelphia, and commanded the steam frigate ROANOKE when the civil war began. He served on special duty, 1861-66, and was commissioned Commodore, July 16, 1862. He died in Philadelphia, Pa., July 25, 1872.