KEEL LAID                 20 February 1976       CHRISTENED 28 January 1978
LAUNCHED                29 November 1977      COMMISSIONED   12 May 1979
FIRST DEPLOYED    18 November 1980


                                  LENGTH           563 Ft. 4 In.    BEAM    55 Ft.
                                  DISPLACEMENT     8,000 Tons  

                                               MK 41 Vertical Launch System for Tomahawk
                                               or Vertically-Launched ASROC
                                               2 MK 15 Close-In-Weapons Systems (CIWS)
                                               2 5"/54 Caliber Gun Mounts
                                               NATO Sea Sparrow
                                               Harpoon Cruise Missiles
                                               2 MK 32 Torpedo Tubes
                                               Rolling Air Frame Missile (RAM)*.
                                                    (Click here for Raytheon Photo of RAM)*

                                               2 SH-60B LAMPS MK III Helicopters

                                               2 General Electric LM-2500 Marine Gas Turbine Engines
                                               on each of two shafts (four engines total).

                                               20 Officers, 23 Chief Petty Officers, 300 Enlisted


USS NICHOLSON (DD 982) is the fourth Navy ship to be named for the five members of the Nicholson family renowned in American naval history. The original three brothers, James, Samuel and John, served with great distinction during the Revolutionary War. In the next generation, John's son, William, served during both the War of 1812 and the Civil War, and likewise in the third generation, Samuel's grandson, James, served during the Civil War.

Captain James Nicholson (1737 - 1804) was the senior Continental Navy Captain in the Revolutionary War. Prior to receiving his commission in the Continental Navy, he served in the Colonial Navy with the British and was present during the assault on Havana in 1762. During the Revolutionary War, he commanded three ships of the line: DEFENSE, TURNBULL and VIRGINIA. Most notable, when his ship was blockaded at Baltimore, Captain Nicholson took his men to join Washington at Trenton, and aided in that victory.

Captain Samuel Nicholson (1732 - 1811) first served under John Paul Jones in the BON HOMME RICHARD. Later, while in command of DEAN, he brilliantly captured three British sloops-of-war. He assumed duties of Superintendent of the construction of the CONSTITUTION ("OLD IRONSIDES") and served on board as her first Commanding Officer.

Captain John Nicholson (1756 - 1844) was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Continental Navy in October 1776, and the next month was promoted to Captain to command the sloop HORNET. After the war, he was active in public affairs in the State of Maryland.

Captain William C. Nicholson (1800 - 1872) entered the Navy as a Midshipman in 1812. He served under Stephen Decatur during the War of 1812, and later commanded the steam frigate ROANOKE during the Civil War.

Admiral James W. C. Nicholson (1821 - 1887) participated in Commodore Mathew G. Perry's Japanese Expedition of 1853. During the Civil War, he commanded the ISAAC SMITH, SHAMROCK, MANHATTAN and MOHONGO. As an Admiral, he commanded a European Station from 1881 to 1883. During the British bombardment of Alexandria, Egypt in 1882, he rescued the records of the American Consulate, and evacuated many American and European officials. He received numerous        commendations and awards, both at home and abroad, for his operation.

The Nicholson name was carried to sea in the service of America by either a family member or ship named for the family in each major naval conflict up to, and including, World War II. It is most appropriate that this tradition by resumed by DD 982 in a class of ships, which, for the most part, carry the names of Americans of Distinguished Naval Service.
Information copied from US Navy home page for USS NICHOLSON which currently is unavailble.  A direct link to the official Navy web page will be added when that site is back up.